Je place mon message dans tutoriels car ce sont divers liens vers des tutos, des suggestions pour les utiliser, de l'inspiration en français et en anglais.

Ce n'est pas exhaustif car il y a toujours des artistes en train d'explorer.

Face cane links

General info

Blogs :

If you want a blog by an artist that does stupendous elaborate face canes

and see her photobucket for more inspirations¤t=face6.jpg

Another blog on face canes

She has a video on making face canes and side face canes. You can buy it at her etsy shop.

For those of you who don’t know what to do with the face cane she gives a lot if ideas.

General: many face cane tutorials witch cane French

Packing the face cane ( in French but look it up , many links)

in French another tutorial in pictures.

For inspiration many types of face canes and other canes French French French a manga face[]=tags&includes[]=title

Michael Jackson in black and white

Skull and bones French French

Complex face canes and components: French look at the different components used.

Complex eye cane Israël French French German

lip cane

face cane complex: Japanese man

Face with hair Complex ( French)

Face cane with shading ( French)

Puca ( little girl) French under

April 28 , 2008

African face cane ( French)

Strange face (French)

Side face cane ( French)

What to do with a face cane

( French) watch bracelet


This a fascinating video on a complex face cane

Animals face canes



Bird in pictures